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What We Do

SeBoTech delivers high-quality, reliable and flexible, hardware and software development and consulting services. Our application development uses advanced methodologies and leverages high technology expertise that spans the entire application life cycle.


How We Work

SeBoTech runs as part of your R&D department where close collaboration demands a trusted partner, not simply a vendor.

Partners understand each other, sharing a common goal to produce high quality work and exceptional value to the business development while collaborating to solve problems.


We have extensive experience with proven results
Hardware Design


At SeBoTech we can help our clients with the complete hardware design cycle -- from initial concept and feasibility studies, through schematic capture and PCB routing, to final FCC, EU testing for production release. Our staff has extensive experience in system design with DSPs, FPGA/CPLDs, Microcontrollers, and Multicore Processors using the latest CAD technologies and tools.This includes analog, high speed digital, power supply, battery management, mobile applications design, and microcontroller programming. Our PCB layout and routing capabilities include high density, multi-layer, and micro-via designs. We can also assist our clients in establishing relationships with manufacturing and materials management service providers.


Our innovative areas of expertise include:

  • Ultrasound for medical and NDT

  • High performance data acquisition systems

  • Sensitive analog interfaces

  • Power supplies

  • Wireless Connectivity (Bluetooth/Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, ANT, NFC/RFID, ZigBee)

  • Heat/Cold transfer

  • Industrial machines and computers


Software & Firmware


SeBoTech software design team has years of experience practicing embedded software for real time systems and integrating software and hardware in a short time to market schedule.

SeBoTech has developed and delivered many device drivers for different Operating Systems. Development of a device driver requires significant and specific expertise. This includes knowledge of how to write a device driver in general, knowledge of the specific operating system internals and driver API, and knowledge of the hardware device.


Our software experience includes:

  • Ethernet protocols: TCP/IP, UDP , ICMP, SNPM etc.

  • USB classes implementation : HID,  Mass storage , CDC , HUB, Audio, Imaging and more

  • CAN BUS – high, low and medium speed

  • Serial communication: synchronous and asynchronous, SPI, SSP, I2C, RS232. Microwire etc.

  • Embedded web servers implementations

Support Services for Startups

Support services are vital for the success of any new business since few startups can afford to do everything by itself. SeBotech development team can support startups companies from their early stage until production. The unique environment of SeBotech provides startups with knowledge about development processes in order to create a safe, fast track to a working product.


This Service provides startup entrepreneurs with :

  • Technical expertise

  • Feasibility tests to perform concept validity from a technological and production point of view

  • Industrial design

  • Patent support - providing experience on how to work with patent attorneys  and prepare materials for registration

  • Manufacturing know-how

Out of the Box Thinking


“Creative problem solving is - looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different”

Adapted from a famous quote from a former Nobel prize winner, Albert Szent-Gyorgi.


In SeBoTech we are not looking for common solutions in the "comfort zone", we believe in creative problem solving that requires an attitude that allows us to search for new ideas to optimized solutions and make things better based on our knowledge and experience.

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